Is it time to kickstart your weight loss?

Get serious with your weight loss and pay just $65 per week! If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey take advantage of our special offer. Book into our 6-week program and secure our special deal of just $65 per week.

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Included in the Offer

  • Personal Nutritionist
  • Initial Consultation – 40min
  • Weekly video coaching chats
  • Program tweaks if required.
  • Weekly meal plan or guidance with current eating habits
  • Recipes eBook
  • Accountability check-ins
  • End of the program consultation

Once you’ve made your payment, don’t forget to book your onboarding consultation.

The 6 Week Kickstart is for you if…

You want to lose weight

You’ve put on weight… a little or a lot, and it just won’t move! You can’t fit into your clothes, and when you look in the mirror you feel sad and defeated.

You need more energy

You’re feeling tired and sluggish, you need several cups of coffee to get through the day. You feel like you should have more energy than you do… sometimes you feel that you even wake up feeling tired.

Your skin isn’t looking good

It may be acne that is causing you grief or just dull lifeless skin that has seen better days. But when you look in the mirror you know you don’t look your best. You know you need to improve your diet. Nothing you can put on your face is going to help if you are not nourishing your body from the inside. 

You need to change your eating habits.

You’re addicted to bread, pasta, and sugar, and do a lot of late-night snacking. You want to change your eating habits, but healthy food just doesn’t get you excited. 

You have aches, pains, and inflammation

It’s really frustrating to live with pain every day. You need to feel better to be more active and enjoy your life. Aches and pains are getting in the way of being your usual active self.

Your last blood results were scary!

Have you been to the doctor recently and got a shock? You’ve got elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar levels. Your doctor has said you must make some changes. But, you’re not sure where to start. 


So many people in our community have shared these same issues and happily, the SOLUTION is SIMPLE.

I help people get healthy!

Let me help YOU!


  • Lose weight with delicious food.
  • Sleep better and have more energy.
  • Reduce aches, pains, and inflammation.
  • Get glowing skin and look younger.
  • Gain mental clarity and focus.

JOIN THE 6 week Kickstart Program – Just $65 per week!

Once you have made payment don’t forget to book your Onboarding Appointment

Boost Your Health And Energy With Delicious Food!


  • Personalised Nutritionist Onboarding

This is a personalised plan tailored specifically for you. I spend our first session getting to know you and understanding your goals and your hurdles. We make an action plan together.

  •  Customised Meal Plan

Success comes with preparation and planning. You won’t ever have to wonder or think about what to eat. Your plan will be customised so you hit all the nutritional guidelines for your height, weight, and sex.

  •  Delicious Recipes

The heart of our 6 week program is delicious food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks.

  • Shopping Lists

To make it easy to keep on track your shopping list has been prepared for you.

  •  Daily Routines

We have also made some suggestions regarding a daily routine to maximise your progress each day.

  •  Cheat Sheets

Our cheat sheets help you to stick to the program even when you’re busy. Here we have some handy shortcuts for when life gets in the way of your plans.

  • Facebook Group

The Positive Nutrition Facebook page is always there for support, so you connect with other people on the same journey as you.

  •  Bonus eBook

You will love the delicious recipes in your bonus eBook, use these to make this a delicious 6 weeks.

  •  Live Video Calls

I want to make sure you are successful so we will get together 6 times via video so you can ask us questions face-to-face. During these sessions, we will check in on weight loss and discuss any difficulties. We can also tweak your meal plan and add some more weight-loss tools.

How will the 6 Week Program Help You?

The 6 Week Kickstart Program will help to:

  • boost your health
  • have more energy
  • sleep better
  • reduce inflammation
  • get glowing skin
  • lose weight

This is not like other weight loss programs!

My kickstart program is the start of healthy eating. I provide recipes for food you will want to eat.

I don’t believe in unsustainable eating. You have to love what you are eating to get lasting results.

…and that’s the SECRET?


Eating really delicious food is the most fun way to boost your health.

Even if cooking isn’t really your thing. These recipes are quick and easy to throw together.  You will surprise yourself!

Best of all, the recipes are loaded with nutrition, and taste so crazy-amazing that you will be excited to eat them again.

With the Kickstart program, you will eat DELICIOUS food so that you look forward to mealtime.

And the PORTION sizes are BIG. 

Did you know that most people only eat half the fibre they need in a day? This means we really need to load you plate up with more fruit and vegetables. So, you will


I AM WITH YOU!  I am not just your nutritionist I am your health coach and mentor!

The 6 Week Kickstart Program is the delicious pathway to health!

Get started Now – Just $65 per week!

Once you have made payment, don’t forget to book your onboarding appointment.